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Web Development

When we view a site, we only see what meets the eye, little do we know there is a lot of "construction" undergone behind it all. Just like only 10% of an iceburg is visible on water, development works the same way. We pride ourselves in practicing the latest languages and technologies in web design. HTML5 and CSS3 are some of the latest innovations in development, and we specialize in them. We create clean and friendly code, this results in the best web experience possible. Aside from HTML5 and CSS3, we at ParPixel with out combined experience are highly skilled at PHP5, AJAX, JAVA, Jquery, MySQL, and ASP.NET.

We Offer:
Development in HTML5 and CSS3
Full browser compatibility including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
Responsive web environment
A desireable client-developer relationship

You can count on us to deliver all of your web development needs