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Hardware Repairs

IntegrityTeks Inc. is your source for complete computer and cell phone repair.
Whether your hard drive needs to be replaced or your power supply has failed, we can do it all. With service available in shop and at your home or business, we have the tools to get the job done right. And with our quick turn-around, you won’t have to wait weeks to get your computer back.

Symptoms a Desktop PC or Laptop Requires Service:

• System won't start or no Power
• System is slow to boot up
• System is stuck in a reboot loop
• Black screen indicating a disk read or missing file error
• System experiences overheating
• Loud noise from inside the system
• System crashes or freezes up
• System shuts down automatically
• Programs freeze / hang frequently
• Unable to check email or browse the Internet
• Wireless network unable to connect
• Desktop is blank and/or disappears

PC, MAC, & Laptop Hardware Repair

• On-site evaluation of your computer
• Processor and/or motherboard upgrades
• Memory upgrades
• Hard drive replacement/upgrades
• DVD burner installation
• New computer systems configured to meet your needs
• Power supply replacement

Cellular Phone Service:

• Cell phone troubleshooting & diagnostics
• Installation & configuration of cell phone software
• Battery, screen and other component replacement
• We service: iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, etc

Our mission is to provide you with quality and cost effective repairs based on your needs.